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Bertha Dudde (* 1. April 1891 in Silesia, Germany, today Legnica, Poland; † 18. September 1965 in Leverkusen) leaves prophecies in 9.000 texts which she stated as being received from God by her inner voice.


1      Vita

2      Brief account of the act

2.1   Formal composition, action coverage,
                      terminology and linguistical constitution

2.2   Basic spiritual designation

2.3   Demonstration of the extended spiritual view

2.4   Additional topic fields

3      Assessment, criticism and apologetics

4      Form of organization


Born as the second eldest daughter of a painter, she grew up with six other siblings in poor circumstances. She only had a conventional elementary school education and practised her addiction to tailoring quite early to support the family. She continued this activity to earn her own living until a ripe old age.

Her parents belonged to different Christian confessions and brought up their children in catholic faith but liberal. Therefore she didn’t possess any further confessional knowledge, as she stayed away from any parochial influence. She wasn’t able to agree completely with the ecclesiastic doctrine because of an inner reluctance which she couldn’t explain more precisively. So she felt herself to be some kind of an unknown quantity, when she received her first revelation message on 15th of June 1937 as a deep word after she had dedicatively prayed before and made a note of it.

(Information from her autobiography, composed on 22nd of November 1953)

Brief account of the act

Formal composition, action coverage, terminology and linguistical constitution

The complete works consists of single messages, numbered and dated up to #9030, normally containing completed subject matters of different topics, which only can be combined later to certain subject areas. These single messages are, for reasons of manageability, combined to individual books according to the handwritten blotters of the original scripts.

The view of the world, resulting from the entirety of the new revelation messages is, without any doubt, mainly focussed on the Christian view. Chronologically and occasionally this act surpasses the content of the Christian bible in a considerable manner.

Each single revelation message establishes a secluded description or instruction concerning a certain spiritual issue. Its linguistic constitution only allows unique terminologies. Each assertion is followed immediately by an appropriate reason. These single revelation messages cross-link to a virtually consistent and self conclusive view of the world.

Basic spiritual designation

On the one hand Bertha Dudde’s new revelation act fundamentally enlarges the Christian view of the world by positioning the bible context into a wider field of meaning and therefore allows an increase in credibility, if some traditional interpretations of bible predications were to be corrected. However it is, except that the act of salvation by Jesus Christ spiritually inevitable is and the “succession of Jesus Christ” clearly described as the fundamental purpose of living, free from any formal rules how to reach that aim.

Primacy of decision of man’s unconstrained freewill is always to be accentuated. When man’s free will decides pro God, it will reach an amount of quality, which cannot be accomplished by any consideration made under the sway of any kind of gratification pledge or menace of penalisation.

On the other hand the act takes a firm stand against any understanding of Religion which is mostly congealed into formalism and ritualisation concerning the doctrine and the proclamation of traditional ecclesial organisations. To correct this grievances and trace them back to their spiritual origins, the new revelations offer, as their basic message, reasonable descriptions which also may be used to found an ecumenism of all Christian communities. Furthermore they feature approaches to solutions concerning theological mysteries like theodicy, holy trinity, incarnation of God, or disputable terms like original sin, predestination or freewill.

Demonstration of the extended spiritual view

Truthful knowledge about primordial Creation, reason for the life on earth and future destination of the human soul is, from the view of the act, an important reason for man, to turn to his God and Creator again - seriously, voluntary and totally confident.

The awareness transmitted may lead to the conclusion, that man’s life is not the beginning of the existence of his soul, which is instead already present since periods of time - what only can be described as eternities of ages.

The revelation messages report the original creation of all entities in the spiritual empire of God, a long time before the material world itself has been created. Images of God, creatures of most perfect intelligence, originally created to be alive forever in blissful happiness, orientated their freewill in the wrong direction and seceded from God. Dazzled, they followed that being, which created them himself by using all the spiritual power flowing to him without any limitation, which was at first and only one exposed directly out of God in perfection, the “carrier of light” (Lucifer). They all plunged into the deep and followed him, who rebelled first against God, named in some religious notions as the “fallen angles of God”.

God reveals by the revelation messages that almost every human soul is nothing else but such a fallen primordial spiritual being. He also reveals His divine “Healing and Salvation Plan” to retrieve all these fallen spirits. The material creation is a direct consequence of the fall of the beings then from the spiritual realm, and at the same time as a means to an end for retrieving all this by converting primordial free, but divine reluctant beings into matter. Through all material creation works, abrogated into spiritual particles, each being is forced to develop forward step by step under the sway of Gods will, the law of nature, to determine them to serve.

The revelation messages inform about the kind and amount of the development of the bounded spirits, which are passing through the material creations until they reach a degree of ripeness, which allows the last embodiment in a material shape at all. This last embodiment permits the period of freewill – as the soul of a human being, as “creation’s crowning glory”, the being gets back its confidence, its ability to think and a limited potential of activity – and its success or failing determines its further evolution.

The revelations call the periods of deliverance, which at their end require a total judgement or “straightening” of the created beings, to reconstitute the order for allowing a freewill creature to decide without any constraints. There will be the permanent fight of the light (truly knowledge about the spiritual correlations) against the murk (misapprehension and eclipse of the realisation of God, caused by his antagonist), until the last being as well, former reluctant to Gods will, will have been successfully returned to him.

The revelations especially exposed the greatness of the salvation work of Jesus Christ, whose largely unknown extraordinary merit consists of breaking the sway of the antagonist of God concerning his former devotees. Their original infringement against God as eternal love itself, was done within a condition of perfect awareness, therefore not being excusable by their own repentance even if eternities were to be available.

Furthermore Jesus Christ’s work of salvation causes strengthening of the will of all beings, while dependent on the antagonist of God, to enable the possibility to decide their belonging without any restraint.

The revelations describe some limited realms of beyond, their meaningfulness, purpose and usefulness in relationship to the upward movement of the discarnated soul, no longer bounded to material matter constraints. They also describe activity of non fallen spirits, whose blessing it is to reputedly take part in the great act of ransoming all fallen beings.

Additional topic fields

Substantiation of New Revelations, Constitution Of God, Trinity, The Christ-Problem, Wrong Prophets, God And Church, Church Of Christ, Correction Of Heresy And Error, Probing Spirits, Truth, Sin And Remission, Intercession, Love, Grace, Sensual Love-Matrimony-Accountability, Trinity, Freewill, Reason-Ken-Cognition-Perception, Body-Soul-Spirit, Cogitation And Ideas, Faith-Disbelief-Superstition, Appeals And Warnings, Incarnation-Reincarnation, Aide From The Beyond, Inner Voice, Spiritualism, Speaking in tongues, Obsession, Immortality Of The Soul, Disease And Distress, Why Does God Admit (Theodizee), Astronomy, End Time Prophecies, The Return Of Christ, Publishing Of The Word of God.

Assessment, criticism and apologetics

One main property of the complete works is intense polarizing the conclusions. By interior demand it wants to give spiritual guidelines to mankind, directly originated by the divine source itself. This direct form is not the tradition of other religious works, which bring the beings together with the changing effects of their social environment in relationship to God .

There are only less scientific papers, investigating some discrete aspects from the point of view of humanistic approach (look at literature and weblinks), any complemented analysis and evaluation of the new revelation works is still missing.

Criticism and/or apologies furthermore remains in the responsibility of each evaluator:

While proponents claim some never known significance to the Inner Word messages of Bertha Dudde and acclaimed it as precious divine revelations, opponents blamed them for being indefinite, similar to predictions of other seers and partially being existential contradictory to the Christian bible.

Probably the messages yield strong inducement to readers, attributing to linguistic composition as first person narrative, they are mostly penned. This may cause a more or less vigorous impression of individual address, which could influence the reader to have an increased credibility concerning the exposed spiritual facts.

This criticism unfounded, when considering God often converses in first person narrative, like this (only a few examples from the KJV Bible with e.g. 698 ‘I am’ verses, 1535 ‘I will’.):

“And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM:…” (Ex.3,14)

“I am the LORD thy God,…” (Ex.20,2)

“I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight:” (Isa.45, 2)

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending…” (Rev.1, 8)

“Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you…” (John.6, 26)

The words given to Bertha Dudde always shows a friendly educational cadence, always consequent, never threatening or convicting. However, critics caution against the indirect impression, of being succumbed to an obligatory action, which can be interpreted as a compulsion to spread the revelation works.

Bertha Dudde also mentioned in her works several “explanations” concerning natural science, especially astronomy. These points don’t withstand more precisely scientific verifications. The revelations describe Saturn, for example, as consisting of transparent metal, and they allege other stars won’t be able to exist without our sun. In such cases you can only tolerate understanding by assuming the revelation texts not only describing visual and measurable phenomena but also trying to point at some level behind, where all experienced observance is constituted and controlled.

Form of organization

Despite constituting a small circle of friends during Bertha Dudde´s lifetime, there wasn’t any emerged autonomous community, marked off and organized completely, and will also not be expected in the future.

The reason may be as regards content of the revelations, which solely forgo formal dogmatism, sacramental acts and arguments which can be evolved into liturgical rituals. Therefore, an universality of spiritual statement results, which can be considered as over-confessional, comprehensive-confessional or unbounded-confessional.

In consequence there are devotees of new revelations in all Christian communities, as well as between people, who are not formally organized. That complicates a classification into conventional categories, because the main emphasis isn’t a formally visible appearance but an interior operative, spiritual evolution.


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