Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8442 18.03.1963

Vineyard work according to divine will ....

I will bless every effort that applies to the distribution of My Word. You cannot imagine how necessary it is for people to be informed of their purpose of earthly life, for they only consider it to be the maintenance of their body and live a life which can be called everything else but spiritual. The dark of night prevails everywhere and nothing else will help but to spread sparks of light which tear the darkness apart and can stimulate people into following the right path they recognise in the glow of the light, and I will truly see to it that the illumination of light will increase .... I will still make My Word from above available to all those who can yet be affected by it such that they will listen to the One Who is addressing them and accept His admonitions, so that they will finally allow themselves to be led and will no longer be able to go astray. I know the means and ways and will truly employ them. I leave no opportunity unused and you, My servants, shall only ever willingly carry out what you are urged to do from within, for this urging comes from Me, to Whom you have offered your service. So let Me tell you that you need not fear the weakness of your body either, that I will give you strength to work for Me, because I need diligent labourers in My vineyard and recognise full well who serves Me with complete dedication .... Yet don't tear yourselves apart by zealously embarking on things which I did not assign to you .... You should always pay attention to My instructions and do what I ask of you .... For you can believe Me that true success will be achieved in silent activity, that I Myself will only powerfully manifest Myself when otherwise nothing else can be accomplished anymore and the end is near .... But if you want to win over the 'world', if you want to teach the masses, much of your work will be done in vain, for there will only be a few more and you will not manage to change the 'human race', you will not succeed in bringing many people to their senses, instead, only individual ones would reward such overzealous efforts .... Then you will have employed your strength in vain, for these few will .... because they mean well .... also still be won over through silent activity, because they are known to Me and I will make My Word accessible to them too ....

However, My paths are different than yours, hence you should pay attention to the inner voice and comply with it as My instructions. This inner voice will never induce you into drawing particular attention to yourselves or into embarking on great campaigns which I know will not be very successful. I will therefore exclude My co-workers from the world time and again, because then the work for Me and My kingdom can be carried out more intensively and because My vineyard labourers should also increasingly perfect themselves, which heartfelt dedication to Me will achieve and is more likely to happen in seclusion then in the flurry of the world, for everything you expect to be very successful requires worldly preparations which, in turn, are not suitable for internalising the person. For this reason I repeatedly advise you to carry out silent vineyard work, which consists of lovingly influencing your fellow human beings into shaping themselves into love and of informing them of My Word .... hence of contributing the most important thing towards distributing My Word which is conveyed to you directly from above .... Believe Me that the effect of My Words will yet achieve the greatest blessing and spiritual progress .... Believe Me, that you will gain extraordinary merits if you utilise all opportunities to inform your fellow human being of My Word, for it will affect everyone who is still of good will .... whilst people will only accept all other efforts to teach them spiritual knowledge with their intellect without involving their heart apart from a few, who, however, I will also win over for Me by other means, because I know the human hearts. Consider the fact that it takes intellectual thought to present My divine revelations to people such that they will be gripped by them .... but that only the intellect is addressed and that it will rarely lead to spiritual success .... but that the direct conveyance of My Word or the passing on of My direct revelations will be far more successful because My Word is blessed with My strength and because those people who shall contribute towards inducing spiritual advancement among people had to already possess a certain degree of maturity prior to it .... Believe Me that I will bless all silent work for Me and My kingdom, and make every effort to be diligent labourers for Me who will only every follow their Lord and Caretaker's instructions and lovingly look after their fellow human beings .... I will do everything else for you and also guide you such that you will offer My Word to those who will gratefully accept it as an unusual gift of grace which will truly have the desired effect ....



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