Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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  Portrait-Zeichnung von Bertha Dudde, die eine Offenbarung Gottes durch Jesus Christus erhielt.  

Who was Bertha Dudde?

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Short description of the work Guide by 7 revelations

In the years from 1937 to 1965 Bertha Dudde was allowed to receive a revelation through the Inner Word.

The ETERNal Word revealed  himself ....

From the point of view of many friends and connoisseurs of this Divine Revelation, Bertha Dudde's writings, together with the books of the Bible, represent one of the most important documents on the divine doctrine of creation and salvation.

For the present time, from a Christian point of view, the revelations by Bertha Dudde are highly topical. The spirit of the times and world events confirm the fulfilment of these prophecies almost daily.

The event of salvation from the primordial beginning to the final goal of man is presented comprehensively and according to plan in the complete works of Bertha Dudde. God's plan of salvation can become clear without contradiction.

››› The section Gottesoffenbarung here on unfolds God's plan in a seven-part outline. With the provided representations of the entire salvation event, the spiritual and material creation - and thus the origin and final goal of man - becomes comprehensible. At the same time, this outline structures the essential content of this revelation of God.

››› The new website -. published in February 2020 - presents this seven-part outline in its own section. There you will receive an orientation guide, which describes the essential content of the revelation work by Bertha Dudde and conveys it in an conveyed in an expanded form.

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