Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7462 24.11.1959

Fear is insufficient faith ....

It is My will that you should not be afraid but only ever believe in a loving and almighty God and Father, Who will not leave you in distress. Fear, however, is insufficient faith. Fear does not know God's love and omnipotence Who wants to be your Father .... For as soon as you believe that I love you like a father loves his children you will also be convinced that I will not let anything happen to you, no matter what the enemy of your souls will do to you. My protective Fatherly hand is always ready to intervene when it means providing help for My child in need. And you are in need when you are afraid, be it physically or spiritually .... you are in need when you are anxious and despondent because you lack the strength of faith that nothing can happen to you as long as you turn to Me and appeal to Me for protection and help.

Yet even if your own common sense keeps telling you this, your heart nevertheless remains scared and sad, and this is where you have to improve matters yourselves .... by establishing your bond with Me as intimately as possible, with your eternal Father Who is just waiting for you to come to Me in heartfelt prayer and confide your worries to Me. I require this sincere devotion to Me in order to provide your heart with the inner calm that is still lacking in you. You have to come to Me with your every concern and in a completely childlike manner appeal to Me for help .... And I will listen and answer your prayer because I love you like a father loves his children. But you often find it so difficult to approach and discuss matters with Me .... you so often remain distant and struggle to cope with your worries although it would be so simple to burden Me with them and free yourselves of them ....

You have a loving Father Who would like to arrange a pleasant earthly life for you if only you would grant him the right to do so by forming a heartfelt bond with Me as a matter of course .... Anyone who is connected to Me will truly no longer suffer hardship; but difficulties arise as soon as you loosen the connection, because I do not tie you to Me but long for your voluntary devotion to Me .... And this is what you should demonstrate through heartfelt love and personal communication by confiding your worries to Me and appealing to Me to take them from you .... Then all you have to do is wait and it will happen as you wish .... all your worries will be taken from you. And you need not even fear if you are besieged by the powers of darkness, for they cannot harm you as long as your will applies to Me, as long as you yearn for Me and the final unity with Me .... And therefore you should only ever question your deep-down desire, and if it applies to Me you can also firmly trust in the fact that My longing for you will not allow Me to abandon you, that I will protect you from every difficulty wherever it may come from .... I want to own you one day and will not allow you to go astray as long as you yourselves also aim for and strive towards Me .... That is why every worry and apprehension is unnecessary .... You belong to Me and shall remain My Own eternally ....



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